Accretion is the opposite of erosion and similarly must be gradual, natural and imperceptible


Australian Height Datum – height above sea level against a standardised measure of mean sea level


The Azimuth is the line a surveyor uses to commence his survey


A survey mark of known height above sea level


Line identifying the edge of a parcel of land


The Cadastre is the patchwork of all titles and how these titles interrelate to each other


Construction Certificate – this is a certificate obtained from the consent authority, usually Council, to finalise detail of development to be constructed

Consent Authority

The consent authority (usually the Council) is the government agency empowered with granting development consent or permission to undertake a development under an environmental planning instrument (eg LEP or SEPP)


An application for consent under Part 4 of the Environment Planning & Assessment Act 1997 as amended to carry out development


The basis for calculation of vertical heights, levels (Australian Height Datum, AHD or assumed)


Development Control Plan – this is a plan which is subset of the LEP and which details more specific land use and controls than the LEP


Deposited Plan – when a plan is registered by the Registrar General at the NSW Government Land & Property Information Centre, it is referred to as a deposited plan


Developer Servicing Charge – this is the money charged by Hunter Water in permitting additional works and load to be placed on Hunter Water’s infrastructure. Outside the Hunter Water Corporation area it is Local Water & Sewer Authority, which is often the Council


An easement is a legal right or obligation to do something on land (eg rights to run power lines, pipe or rights of way (see Section 88b)

EP&A Act

This is the Environment Planning & Assessment Act of 1979, which has been amended many times and it manages the preparation of environmental planning instruments and assessment of development within NSW


Erosion occurs on properties with water boundaries and for the boundary to move erosion must be gradual, natural and imperceptible

Identification Survey

An Identification Survey, or Ident Survey, is performed normally when land is being sold or business on the land is being transacted. It is a survey to relate the contract for sale or business being transacted to the land ( Lot and the DP usually) to the improvements on the land


A local environmental plan – this is a plan that a local Council prepares under Part 3 of the Environment Planning & Assessment Act to determine zones and land uses within its Council area


An instrument for measuring vertical change in height

Linen Plan

The Linen Plan is the plan of survey drawn by the surveyor which becomes a Deposited Plan. They are referred to as linens because previously the medium was waxed coated linen with plans drafted by hand. They are currently plastic film sheeting and produced by plotter


A lot is a unit of land within a deposited plan or strata plan

Old System

Land alienated from the Crown prior to 1863

Real Property

Land covered by the Real Property Act, usually land alienated from the Crown after 1863 or the subject of a Real Property Application

Redefinition Survey

This is a survey to redefine existing boundaries and is necessary in some cases prior to strata subdivision

Reference Mark

A mark placed by a surveyor with known bearing and distance to a corner of a parcel of land


Reduced level above or below sea level as in AHD

Section 50

This is Section 50 of the Hunter Water Board (Corporatisation) Act 1991 and this is where Hunter Water can levy developers for contributions for sewerage and water infrastructure

Section 88b

This relates to Section 88b of the Conveyancing Act 1919 and this is the way that easements, rights of way, and rights to use land are created and recorded on the Title

Section 94

This is the Section of the Environment Planning & Assessment Act which allows a consent authority to levy charges for public services and amenities when approving development


This is State Environmental Planning Policy. These are environmental planning instruments prepared by the NSW Department of Planning on behalf of the Minister for Planning and they usually take precedence over a Local Environmental Plan


Strata Plan – when a plan of subdivision under the Strata Titles Act is registered by the Registrar General at the NSW Government Land & Property Information Centre, it is referred to as a strata plan


An instrument for measuring vertical and horizontal bearings and angles and more recently including electronic distance measuring


Document identifying the land and identifying the owner of land