Palmer Bruyn’s Town Planning capabilities include the services of a previous Regional Director of DUAP (now DIPNR) with over 30 years Town Planning experience NSW local government and State government as well as in the UK.

This experience involves:

  • Managing a planning office of over 20 staff and associated budget
  • Assessment of development proposals of both local and State significance
  • Preparation of Strategic Plans and Policies at both the local and regional levels
  • Preparation of Sustainable Development Guidelines
  • Managing the rezoning process of land for LGA-wide local environmental plans and small rezonings
  • Identifying, engaging and managing consultants of various disciplines in regard to specific projects
  • Negotiating/consulting at high levels with public authorities, developers and communities in relation to rezoning and development proposals
  • Impact assessment resulting from proposed changes to planning controls
  • Preparation of Development Applications
  • Assessing the highest and best use of land consistent with environmental characteristics and sustainable development principles
  • Preparation of Statements of Environmental Effects and Rezoning Reports
  • Preparing submissions to and appearing at Commissions of Inquiry and appeals to the Land & Environment Court

Such experience builds on the traditional town planning and land use capabilities of Palmer Bruyn as outlined following.